“Mali and Maggie, our crazy hounds, have been more enthusiastic than ever at meal times since we introduced them to Ava’s Choice meals.

As soon as they see the container come out from the fridge they can’t wait to have their meals. After they finish eating they will often carry their bowls over to their trampoline beds and lick the bowl clean!

We had noticed when our dogs were eating dry food products they put on extra weight around their bellies! The healthy ingredients of Ava’s Choice are keeping them well nourished, but at the same time it has helped to keep their weight in check.”

Brian and Sharon

“Our dogs absolutely love it! It is so good to see them actually looking forward to and thoroughly enjoying their meals now, which never used to be the case.

It is such a relief and peace of mind to know that we are giving our beautiful boys, Sam and Ted, food that is actually good for them.

Since our dogs have been on this diet, there have been a few noticeable changes that we have observed to our delight! Our older dog has dropped down to a healthier weight and both now not only look happier but also appear to be more energetic and playful.

Putting our boys on to Ava’s Choice has been the best decision we have ever made for our dogs!”

Ann and Tim