About us

The mission at Ava’s Choice, is to better your pets lifestyle from inside out. To put it simply, ‘eat well, live well’

The pet food industry is a hard one to make a mark in as it has been shaped by years of companies producing heavily manipulated and unnatural diets. Apart from pets finding our food incredibly tasty, Ava’s Choice provides a 100% human grade, high quality, healthy and safe alternative. ​

We are passionate about what we do and how to care best for your pets and we believe that good quality nutritious food is essential to their health, happiness and well being. ​

 Our food is packed with naturally occurring wholesome grain-free goodness and contains only ingredients deemed suitable for companion animals.

 ​“It’s what we leave out that makes all the difference”

Who are we?

My name is Rebecca and I am the creator/owner of Ava’s Choice Pet Food. The little black fur child in my arms is Ava (yes, the one and only), who in a way is also the creator of this business.

I am incredibly passionate about creating fresh healthy meals and snacks for fur families everywhere, and educating people on the importance of feeding their pets the best diet.

Ava is 100% a part of my family and has a seat at my dinner table. Maybe it’s time your fur family has a seat at yours…

About us


All orders will be sent within 7 business days of order placement.

It is not essential for someone to be home to receive the delivery. Orders are delivered in insulated packed with dry ice packs. 

​ Our worry-free delivery service reaches around 80% of Australia to ensure your pets get the healthy meals they require.