Before contacting us, check out the below FAQs to see if they can help.

COVID-19 Impact
'No-Contact' Deliveries

Whilst we love talking to our customers and getting to know them every time we deliver, to ensure the safety of staff and customers during this uncertain time, all deliveries will be deliveried by a courier on a ‘no-contact’ or ‘contact-free’ basis. This means that all deliveries will be placed at the front door of the premises and the customer will receive a text message or phone call.

For our own sanity, please send pictures of your pets excitement when you retrieve your package from the front door as seeing their facial expressions at this time will be dearly missed.

Supply Shortages

As the country continues to panic buy, we are currently not disrupted due to supply shortages. We continue to do our best to run as business as usual, however if we do run into any supply issues which concern your order, we will reach out. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact 🙂

How can I help?

Continue to order – as a small business we rely on our customers purchases to stay afloat. If we have any issues in completing your order on time, or delivery restricitions due to lockdowns – our customers will be the first to know and we will personally reach out to make alternate arrangements.


Please see our personal note about how we are addressing the COVID-19 situation.

Can I still order my pet's food?

Absolutely! Order as little or as much as you like and we will be in contact with you if we run into any issues (especially through this uncertain period).

Do I have to be home when it's delivered?

Not at all – all Ava’s Choice deliveries are packaged in an insulated box with a dry ice pack keeping your meals at the correct temperature until you return home.

Where does Ava's Choice deliver?

Currently we only cover the postcodes stated on our Delivery page. But don’t fret – we are in the process of testing deliveries with couriers to other areas of Australia. If you live out of the areas we currently deliver to, please reach out and we could set up a trial to your area.

When will I receive my delivery?

Your delivery will arrive up to 7 business days after order placement. Once your order has been sent you will receive an email notification with your tracking ID.

Is your food raw?

No, all Ava’s Choice meals and treats are lightly cooked. However, all of our oils and herbs are added in after the cooking process is complete.

Is it grain-free?

Yes we are 100% grain-free. We do our best to avoid ingradients such as rice and potatoes, which contain higher levels of carbohydrates which can contribute to higher blood sugar levels in animals.

The added bonus being that our meals are low in calories allowing you to feed them extra when they give you ‘the look’.